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acatecas is a city in Mexico, the capital of the state of Zacatecas. It was founded 1548, two years after the nearby discovery of silver, and became an officially-recognized city in 1584. Its population as of the 2005 census was 122,889. Zacatecas is also the municipal seat of the municipality of Zacatecas which surrounds the city. The municipality had a population of 132,035 and an area of 444 kmē (171.4 sq mi). The city is the largest in the state, slightly larger than Fresnillo (pop. 110,892), but the municipality of Fresnillo (pop. 196,538) has a greater area, with more population in its outlying communities.


Some scenery along the way

We stayed at the Hotel Hacienda del Bosque & RV Park

GPS Location: N 22.77406  W 102.61972  7,800 ft


Excellent services: water, power(30 A and 50 A available) ,sewer and WiFi( excellent signal)

We paid $25 dollars each for a tour of the city and its historical monuments including a silver/gold mine( this price included our fare on the tram and entrance fee to the mine). They picked us up at 10am in front of the Hotel and took us to our first spot. Our wonderful tour guides name was Alma.


We had a great view of the city from up here




John and Alma


Mina El Eden


Alma and Angela entering the mine. We are wearing these caps because we will be putting hardhats on before we enter the mine.

We are so cute!!!

Mine entrance once you pass through the gift/coffee shop

All except one tunnel  was mined by hand.

The whole mine has been updated with lighting, bathrooms, a nightclub and a museum. At the end of the tour you get on a train to take you back up to the entrance.

This is the only place in the 7 levels of the mine that they used explosives. There were 200 men per level working when the mine was open. they brought there water and meals down with them because they did not go back to the surface until the end of the day. Children and women also worked in the mine.

This is where water would have been brought into the mine

Security cameras and lots of signs

We are heading down to Level 5 ( we started at level 3)

Railings and stairs ( this is the best laid out mine tour I have ever seen)


This is where you come to pray for loved ones who have perished in an accident

Vein of gold in quartz

They used to climb ladders with injured on a stretcher to get them up to the surface

The nightclub was closed, but i took a couple of pictures through the gates. It is open on weekends

This is the track that the railway cars come down on

Bathroom anyone?


Museum and shops

Our train to take us out

We made it!

Next stop downtown historical Zacatecas. Alma took us on a driving tour and then dropped us off at the Cathedral.


Time for lunch

Taco chips and salsa (free)

I ordered Chicken with red mole sauce (excellent)

I can't remember what John had, but it was chicken with rolled up tacos smothered with cheese and veg

More touring of downtown

We took a taxi back to the RV park ( $5) and he headed up this narrow road

Onto San Miguel de Allende, but we have to make it through Guanajuato first with its underground streets


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