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Yuma 2012

John and I stayed at a different place this year. It is the Paradise Casino just outside Yuma. It was quiet and very close to historic Yuma and not too far from Algodones if you felt like crossing the border for a day of shopping. As you will see there was plenty of parking. It is of course dry camping ( no utilities or services)


While I was here a gentleman next to us brought out his Segway and asked if I would like to try it. I of course was game!

 Note to self: NEVER try to take this thing backwards as it is opposite to what you think when it turns. It will toss you like a bucking bronco and then grind you into the dirt!!!! 

John missed taking those particular pictures of me hanging on for dear life to this machine while I was spinning on the ground. 

I came away with a few scratches on my knees and a couple of bruises. Lucky me!!


Outdoor Market - Yuma


Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

OPENED - 1876

CLOSED - 1909


This is where you were locked up and attached to the metal grid in the middle of the room. The only source of light came from an opening at the top of the ceiling. There could be numerous inmates chained to the floor at a time and left there for days with water and little food.

The hole in the roof of this room is the only source of light!!

Old barber chair


Main guard tower

Prison Cemetery

Just over 100 prisoners ended up in this cemetery. Some died of disease, old age and a few died while trying to escape. Only a pile of rocks and a number mark their graves.


Yuma Road Trip in and around the area

We started our day by stopping at the date shop where John got a date shake. Yummy!!!

We made it to the Imperial Dam LTVA ( Long Term Visitor Area)

This is another place for dry camping around the Yuma area. You can be above or at the water level. Bring your canoe or kayak and fishing gear as there is a lake.




Camp Laguna Desert Training Center




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