Los Barriles
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Los Barriles - 24 Jan

The trip from La Paz to Los Barriles was uneventful. The distance was approx 110KM. We are staying at Playa Norte RV Campground in Los Barriles for at least one week if not longer depending how we like the area.

A wonderful church we saw on the way to Los Barriles

Some scenery

Entering the town of Los Barriles


New town mall under construction

The entrance to our campground

A close-up of the cows near the entrance, remember there are not a lot of fences in the Baja

Looking from the beach towards our campsite. We did not have power for the first couple of days until the owner finished getting the power meters installed. Luckily we had our solar panels to charge our batteries and a great inverter. We did have sewer and water.

A few pictures of the campground


Shower house

Outside "rustic" bathroom

New shower house and bathrooms under construction

Our friend Joe & Ruth from our "Baja Winters" tour gave a dinner party with quite a spread, free margaritas, appetizers and dinner for the group.

Some nice houses around the area high up on the hills. There are many more on the beach and they are all accessible by dirt roads. The only paved road is the highway.

Another vendor selling us baked goods, tamales, empanadas and freshly squeezed juice ( Carrot/Orange). The juice was excellent and only $2.50/ container

A few vegetables and fruit we purchased from a local vendor who visits the campground once a week. he had a wonderful selection and what you see here cost me 30pesos ( $3)

The beach and kite surfing

One of our beautiful sunrises (6:30 am). The water is normally calm first thing in the morning and you can see the manta rays jumping out the water and hear them from where we are camped.

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Design by Angela 2008