Santiago day trip
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Los Barriles - day trip to Santiago

Beautiful scenery driving into Santiago. Population approx 2,500. We walked around the town and drove the la Laguna loop. The trip was approx 40km from Los Barriles return.

For more information on the town and its' history check out the link below.


23° 28′ 44.82″ N, 109° 42′ 44.88″ W


23.479117°, -109.712467°

You have to drive across the Santiago Arroyo to get to the town

Tree lined entrance


Vegetable plots and palm tree farms

Town square

Me standing under a tulip tree. the last time I saw one of these was in Hawaii. We are only 3 km from the "Tropic of Cancer" here in Santiago. Close enough to be in the tropics.

A huge tree on one of the streets

This sign says: "No to drugs for 5 reasons: family, studies, health, future and myself"

Misión de Santiago

Inside the mission church

John wanted a picture of this bougainvillea: It was huge and beautiful


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