Los Barriles 26 Jan
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Los Barriles - 25 & 26 Jan

Today was a great day to go for a drive. We decided to head towards the Hotel Punta Pescadero. 


It was quite a road trip when there was a road. Check out the pictures below.

When we had traveled at least a couple of miles down this road we said, that is it, we turned around. Not my idea of a road to get to a hotel. I would say most guests fly into the 3500ft landing strip they have at the resort.

We made it safely back to our campground. Whew!!!!

Gizmo seems to like the beach atmosphere

This is picture of our neighbor "Joe". He went fishing and reeled in this eel. He tried to take his hook out of its mouth and throw it back, but it kept trying to bite him. He was eventually able to release it back into the ocean. Joe says the eel actually growled at him. Scary!!!!!

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