La Paz
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La Paz

A little La Paz history:


We left the campground at 9am this morning and shared a taxi with our friends, Jack & Delilah. The total cost was $6 plus a tip of $1/ea.

The taxi driver was incredibly helpful with our Spanish as well as directions to the best taco and icecream places.

We started our tour at the "Malecon"

It was 10am and we decided it must be time to eat, so we stopped at a restaurant called "Bismark" and each had a shrimp and marlin taco. They were delicious.


La Paz Cathedral:


These cars routinely roam the streets announcing the political message of the local candidates for the local elections.

We have never seen a ready-mix truck anywhere in the Baja. Although I am sure they exist all concrete we have seen is made in these portable mixers with bags of ready-mix and gravel.

Some goods sold in local stores

We stopped for an ice-cream cone: I had Rum Raisin and John had Coconut


A few sand castles by a local artisan

We had walked a few miles and had our fill of town. Tomorrow is another day.


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Design by Angela 2008