La Paz Sorriano
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La Paz - The Sorriano

Yesterday John and I walked to the "CCC" Supermarket and back. It was about an hour round trip which was just a nice walk. Of course we bought a few groceries while we were at the supermarket, one of them being Manta Ray fish which we have never eaten before. I grilled it on the BBQ with some lemon and herb spices and threw a little BBQ sauce on it for good measure. It was very tender, almost like shredded beef. The taste was bland, hard to describe, not really much flavor. Would I buy it again, probably not as the taste was too plain and I later found out it is a species of fish in Mexico that is slowly being fished out of existence.

Notice the covered parking at the "CCC". This is strictly to keep the sun off your vehicle while you are shopping, but if it rains I am sure it provides a dual purpose.

Here is a picture of the "Manta Ray" I purchased.

Manta Ray after it has been BBQ'd

Manta Ray with brocolli,cauliflower,carrots and rice for dinner

John and I decided to walk to the "Sorriano" - the local shopping mall. It ended up being a 4 mile hike each way. We of course had to stop along the way for nourishment. Actually we had little choice as the owner "Allen" of the taco stand was extremely persuasive and pleasant. He convinced John he required at least 2 beef tacos and he kindly gave me free beef broth, which was delicious. I only had a few sips as it was extremely hot. I did however have a hot pepper at his insistence. I must say that you should carry water with you if you are going to try Mexican peppers. I survived, but barely!

We finally made it to the "Sorriano" supermarket/mall and let me tell you that you should not take pictures in this mall. I was told quite politely to put my camera away. I did as told, I did not want to get in trouble. I did get a few good shots of the inside of the supermarket and its goods

This is a picture of prickly pear cactus. I have been told you eat it like zucchini.

The fish counter

General goods



Time for coffee. John and I went to a cafe in the mall. John had a regular coffee and I had a latte. John had to order an apple fritter or equivalent. Total bill $7.

Time for a siesta, it has been a hard day. We are going to kick back and relax. John is having a nap while I work on the website. We learned a few more Spanish phrases today. We find we learn a lot on our walks when we interact with the Mexican people. They are extremely helpful in teaching us the language. We plan on going to the "Malecon" tomorrow to visit a book store and get a newspaper and a few books to read. Wed will be time to do maintenance, laundry, clean the rig and Thursday we take off for Los Barriles.

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