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Baja Day 6

This morning we met at 11am to go get organic vegetables from a local grower. I bought; carrots, broccoli, chard, corn on the cob and onions, all for $3.

Very scenic in this area. Agriculture and fishing

 We were too tired last night to take pictures of the resort, so we took them today. This is the entrance to Ray's RV Resort

This house along with at least 1/4 acre land is for sale for around $180,000. Ray is selling 1/4 acre lots for around $25,000.  Ray and his wife are wonderful people who treated us like long lost cousins.  He exemplifies the Mexican tradition of hospitality seen so often in this wonderful country.  Thanks for a a great stay Ray.  


A nice lady lives on this 1/4 acre and full times. Her name is "Lu" and she is an artist from the US.

Ray's house

Fresh orange juice for sale



Downtown Mulege: we did a bit of exploring and dropped off our laundry. It cost John and I $10 to have our clothes laundered and folded. An excellent deal.

The gentlemen on the bike is the local mechanic.

Time for a cool snack. John had coconut ice-cream

Ok. Lunch time. I know we had a morning snack, but you can always make room for lunch. John had "Flautos". Hope I spelled that right. Rolled up tacos with beans. I had a torta.

Shopping time. The prices are reasonable if you barter. A nice hat can cost you $9, vice the $20 they are asking.

Mulege River and beach

I am looking for shells on the beach for Johns Mom. I found quite a few beautiful ones. I also found pumice( volcanic rock)

Mulege River front properties


This property below can be yours for $45,000 not including the land which is leased for $200 per month. Note: they have had floods here where water rose at least 8 ft. Mud everywhere!!! Canadians and Americans build here and the locals build higher up.

A local fisherman happened by and sold us our first kilogram of shrimp for $13/kg. Large shrimp caught that day in the Sea of Cortez. Trust me when I say split the bag into three parts to freeze. It ends up being approx 25 shrimp per zip loc bag. Add a little salt water you make yourself, remove the air and zip. Freeze for later.  

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