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Baja Day 5

Guerrero Negro to "Ray's Hacienda Inn & RV Resort"

As per normal we departed at 8am and the scenery is spectacular. Check out the cactus varieties we  encountered along the way.

An "oasis" in the desert

The "Volcan de tres Virgenes" ("Three Virgins") volcanos on the left side of the photo. They last erupted sometime in the eighteen hundreds.




Quoted from an internet source.  "This is one of many cholla cacti also known as "jumping cactus" it is notorious for very loose joint attachment, then the joints attach to hapless by-passers with the slightest brush. Some specimens may have a more greenish (rather than golden) coloration. The joints readily break off and will often root to form a new plant. The ground about mature plants are usually littered with many dead or sprouted joints. Five inches long and up to four inches in diameter. It is said to "jump" on you if you get close to it. It really does not jump but it is very easily attached to you if you lightly brush against it. It is best stayed away from. The thorns swell in your wet skin and they become very difficult to remove.

When a piece of this cholla sticks to an unsuspecting person, a good method to remove the cactus is with a hair comb, which is standard equipment for many who hike in the cholla's biome. The pieces should not be handled, as the spines are barbed and can cause painful, very slow-healing wounds if the barbs become embedded in the skin. If the barbs pass through clothing before entering the skin, it may be possible to pull the clothing away from the skin, pulling most of the barbs out of the skin. This reduces the problem to the less-painful task of removing the piece from the clothing. After doing so, the article of clothing may be removed to expose any remaining barbs still embedded in the skin. Another technique for removing barbs from the skin is by applying hot water (by the use of a bathtub or shower) to the affected area"


This cactus is also one to avoid, although I do not know its special characteristics, it has sharp needles.


We are now about to descend the " Cuesta del Infierno" or hill from hell.  

Santa Rosalia is a historic town worth exploring

We have ended our day and are at the entrance to our campground for the next two nights

Our wonderful neighbors who are on the caravan with us decided to make John and I their famous home-made burritos ; Deliilah & Jack

A few of us relaxing after a days drive on Highway 1. We had full hookups. Rays RV resort has a pool, orchards, restaurant, organic vegetables for sale down the road. He welcomed us each with a Margarita and a smile. He had fresh squeezed orange juice for sale at $3/gal

Time to try out the famous "Ray's Restaurant"

Live entertainment

Christie and myself

Our salad to begin our meal ( the whole meal was $12/ea)

We all ordered the same meal at our table; Blackened Yellow Tail Tuna" caught that afternoon. We must have each gotten one pound or more of fish on our plates. It was delicious and more then we could eat. That is probably a good thing as they had rice pudding with "Kahlua" on top for dessert

Time for bed and tomorrows adventures in the quaint town of Mulege ( just a few miles down the road)

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