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Baja Day 4

Catavina to Guerrero Negro ( Malarrimo Hotel & Campground)

Today we travel into Baja Sur. We change our clocks ahead 1 hour to Mountain time. We go through the agricultural inspection point where they spray our tires and underside of our vehicles for 10 pesos.

We have all filled out our example tourist card back in San Diego and today we filled out the real thing at the immigration office, no mistakes allowed, they only want to give you one copy. John and I passed the test and made no mistakes. The tourist card is good for 180 days on the Baja. You need to show them your passport!

We arrived at our destination and had Wifi InterneI for the first time. We had full hookups.

We decided to rest until dinner time. We ate at the Hotel restaurant and it was superb. We were provided with entertainment by a singing gentlemen and the food was great. John had "Scallops" and I had "Carna Asada"

We are here for two days. Tomorrow is whale watching, visiting the local "Mercado"(supermarket) and a few taco stands.


When you cannot make it to a local "PEMEX" ( the only gas stations in the Baja), then you hopefully find one of these guys along the side of the Highway 1. They sell the gas for a little more, but well worth it. They have a hand crank pump to deliver the gas from the barrel to your tank.

Remember that there is not a lot of trees in the Baja for making fence posts, so they use these cactus which when replanted will grow and provide your living fence.

Another military checkpoint and as per usual highly profesisonal and polite



We reached our destination: Malarrimo Hotel & Campground


My "Carne Asada"

The beginning of our "Grey Whale" watching adventure in the "Ojo de Liebre Lagoon"

Below is a link detailing the Grey Whale migration route and a link about the Grey Whales


Baby "Grey Whale"

Baby "Grey Whale and its mother"

Real close up of the baby whale

Guerrero Negro has the largest "Salt Plant" in the world. The salt is taken from the salt water by allowing the water to stand in leaching ponds for two years until the water has evaporated and then the salt is scooped up and put on barges for its destinations. This salt is primarily used in chemical processes. We drove through this area to get to the lagoon where our boats were launched for the whale watching.


Our tour guide was kind enough to stop at a buoy of sorts loaded with "Sea Lions"

Osprey make their nests on the floating buoys in the harbor


We had to take a picture of this sign


Time for a fish taco. Actually these were "Taco de Camaron" Only $1.00/ea.  A two shrimp taco is $1.30 or 13 pesos.

Then time to try a beef Taco: $1.00/ea

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