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Baja Day 3

San Quentin to Catavina (Rancho Santa Ynez)

Here is a photo of one of the RVS that was staying at the park, but not in our group. It was a converted military vehicle with a radar shelter from the Dutch Airforce. The couple had been traveling in it for 7 years: all over Europe and all the way from South America to their present location in the Baja.


We are lined up and ready to go on to our next destination

A little scenery on the road.

We of course had to travel through a few Military Checkpoints, this being one of them. The Military is looking for drugs and weapons. We were passed through without a search. John and I noted that the personnel are extremely well turned out: boots, uniform, haircuts and manners were excellent.  These young men and women exemplify their pride in their country.  Truly a tribute to their beautiful country,  



More scenery

The vegetation we saw was unlike anything we had ever seen.

There are very few fences in this part of the Baja to keep the livestock in, so you have to be on the lookout for critters.

Notice the tree John is standing next to sort of looks like an upside down carrot top.

Called a "Cirio or Boojum Tree"

I am standing next to a "Cardon": It is the tallest cactus species in the world, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2 meters (62.9 feet).  This one is probably a couple hundred years old.

We are now traveling through what they call "The Badlands". There are no services for 200 miles and very few people. The picture below shows vegetation growing in boulders, this is where two tectonic plates meet and the upheaval caused the boulders seen throughout this area.  One of the most beautiful sections of the trip.

We have reached our destination for the day. We are dry camping tonight.

This is a working Ranch.


We were dry camping so had to use our solar panels to charge our batteries for our inverter/charger

As a side trip we were taken by John, Becky and Dustin to look at some cave paintings and learned more about the local flora.

This particular "Cardon" had grown into itself and is worth many thousands to collectors. It is very unusual.


John climbing into the cave to take a look at the paintings

We had dinner at the restaurant on the ranch. It was delicious. It consisted of two beef tacos, one enchilada, rice and beans. We of course had to have a Tecate beer to wash it all down. 


We ended the day with a campfire and lots of good conversation

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