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Baja Day 7 & 8

Ray's Hacienda Inn & Resort to Bahia de Conception (Playa Santispec)

This mornings drive is pretty short. Only about 15 miles from Ray's to Playa Santispec on Bahia de Conception (Conception Bay). We are dry camping on the beach for two days. the beach has restrooms, sanidump, toilets and lots of vendors coming around to sell their wares; blankets, chimes, jewelry, scallops, shrimp, tamales, vegetables and water.

We spent the afternoon sitting in the sun, enjoying the beach, collecting shells, drinking Margaritas. At 5pm we had our regular meeting an "Baja Winters" provided a nice fire and "smores" to cook over the fire for a nice treat.

The view from our campsite



We decided to support the local economy by buying more shrimp. We only paid $12.50/kg this time, but bought 2 kg and we had at least 1/2 kg for dinner. The best way to cook these shrimp is a little butter or olive oil and garlic, or BBQ, or in a pot of salted water. Once they turn pink they are done!!! I did these in garlic and butter along with fresh chard, rice and corn.

Day 8 and it is about 7:30 am. A truck comes by honking his horn, he has tamales for sale. John had to try a chicken tamale. I had a bite and I would say they are better then the ones in Palm Springs at the Tamale Festival.

I know, we just can't help ourselves. The fish truck is back and he has scallops. We bought 1kg for $10. These are extremely large scallops and caught yesterday. I divided them into 3 packages.

One end of the beach had mangroves with many varieties of birds. Quite a strange thing to see out in the desert. We had seen mangroves in Florida and Hawaii.

We went into Mulege with Peter & Christi to pick up our laundry and do a little shopping. This is the new entrance they are currently building for the town.

John cannot go to town without trying a taco stand. This was the best shrimp taco so far!!!!

That evening we relaxed, getting ready for our next days trip to Loreto.

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