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Baja Day 12

La Paz

Well we made it and we are on our own as of today. 


Just a quick note about our Hosts from Baja Winters caravan company.  We had heard about the Baja Winters Caravans on an RV website.  We found their website, contacted John and Becky and signed up for the tour.  It was the best decision we could have made.  John, Becky and their son Dustin have put together an outstanding tour of this incredible Peninsula.  Their love for Mexico, the culture and the people is evident in every action and word along the way.  They have more than 30 years experience in the Baja and their surfing roots have taken them to every corner and back road along the entire peninsula.  Beckys interest in the plant life and history provided an interesting narrative over the radio as we covered the ever changing landscape.  Their mission in not to baby you or shield you from the reality of the Baja but instead to teach you how to function in this foreign land while being respectful of the culture and mindful of cautions that you wouldn't find north of the border.  Their insight into everything from language to traffic and police procedures was invaluable in allowing us to feel comfortable in this wonderful but foreign country. They feel they have achieved their goal if you leave the tour feeling confident about traveling in this beautiful and proud country.  If you have always wanted to have an adventure south of the border but have trepidations about traveling in a different culture and language consider contacting John or Becky at  Thanks John, Becky and Dustin.  We had a blast.  


Touring La Paz

I have downloaded a tourist map of the city and all the points of interest to see. We went for an hour long walk this morning through the local neighborhoods. We discovered that there is a local hospital across the street. Nice to know. there is a veterinarian up the road and we are a short drive to the local mall. We have already had to use our limited Spanish when we checked in last night. The person at the desk spoke no English and could not find our reservations. We managed to communicate our needs.

This is a very nice park with full hook-ups, a tennis court, a swimming pool and hot tub, coffee shop, laundry facilities and washrooms.  Check out this link for more info:

The office

The pool area

The tennis court

The owners house

We passed by a market on the corner of the street and they were selling bags of oranges for $6




Today John and I relaxed a bit. John washed the coach and studied his Spanish. I got the laundry done and worked on the website.

Tomorrow we are taking a taxi downtown to the "Malecon". This is a shopping/historical district in La Paz. 

Popular La Paz attractions

Baja Expeditions
La Paz Museum
Gerardo's Fishing Tortuga Fleet
Museo de Antropologia e Historia de Baja California Sur
El Teatro de la Ciudad
Dove of Peace Monument
Biblioteca de Historia de las Californias
Libreria Contempo
Calle 16 de Septiembre
Plaza de la Constitucion
La Agora de La Paz
La Paz Cathedral


Our travels after La Paz will take us to  Los Barriles for 2.5 weeks, then on to Cabo San Lucas for 1 week, through Todas Santos and heading back north through Mulege where we will pick up the caravan again home. We have not decided our exact schedule after Cabo San Lucas, it all depends on what we find and what people recommend. We will be departing from the PEMEX gas station in Mulege on the 29th Mar and be back in the US 3 days later. More links to follow on our wonderful trip.

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