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Baja Day 10

Loreto to Cd. Constitucion ( Palapa 206 RV Park)

Quoted from a web source:

"Located on Baja Highway One about 32 miles east of Magdalena Bay (San Carlos) on the Pacific Coast, Ciudad Constitucion is "24 blocks of commerce" located halfway between Loreto and La Paz. This busy city provides the basic services needed to handle most of the agriculture, fishing and tourism that takes place in and around the fertile Magdalena Valley and coastline".

This is sunrise at Loreto Shores RV Park

A few of the condos from the beach side at Loreto Shores

We begin our second last day of travel with the caravan. Normal departure time: 8 am. We climb into the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains

Quoted from a web source:  "The Sierra de la Giganta is a mountain range of Baja California Sur state in northwestern Mexico. The range extends parallel to the coast of the Gulf of California, west of the town of Loreto. The Sierra de la Giganta is one of the landforms in the Peninsular Ranges, which extend 1500 km (900 miles) from Southern California to the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula".

I had to take a picture of this Cardon, it was too beautiful to pass up

Local cactus


Quoted from a web source: "The Octillo is a tree, a relative of the Boojum
Tree of Baja California. It can grow up to 30' tall. Its stems are usually
leafless but leaves appear after a heavy rain.This cycle of leafless and leaves can occur
several times during the hot months. Octillo flowers occur during the spring; they
tubular, 1" long, occur in clusters up to 10" long,
and are a bright fiery red-orange.
Range: Octillo normally occurs from West Texas
west into southeast California. Normally
considered a Sonoran Desert plant.
Cool Fact:
Octillo stems will re-root and when planted in
straight lines become living fences"

Palapa 206 RV Park 

Phone: (011-52-) 613-132-3463 

Rates: $5-11 per 2 people

Type of Hookup: 6 Full Hook Ups    6 with electric only

Total Sites: Approximately 62

15 pull thus

Electricity/ Amps: 15

Open all year


Recreation/eating Palapa


This place is new and the owners are trying very hard to please the RVers that come through. While shade is lacking, friendly and helpful advise and knowledge make coming here a pleasure. It is easy to get in and out.



We had dinner and Mexican dancers and cowboys for entertainment at the palapa. The evening cost us $12/ea. We had taco chips with homemade salsa a appetizers, then a bean soup and the main course was tacos.

The food was very good and I tried to get a few shots of the local dancers, but the room was dimly lit and the dust raised from the floor when they were dancing blurred all the photos. I have included the best. I will try to get a few photos from some of the people there later this month.

All the fixings for the tacos

Local Mexican dancers form a dance school. They practice 4 nights a week. The costumes were astonishing and the energy was contagious. 

At the end of there performance they each grabbed someone out of the audience and we all did what they call the "Mexican Chicken scratch dance": The Chicken scratch dance is based on the "walking two step or the walking polka and the emphasis is on (a) very smooth gliding movement"

A very blurry picture of me doing the "Mexican Scratch dance" with one of the cowboys. Every time you go around the room you squat lower and lower as you step slowly forward. My upper thighs were killing me and I believe I was only inches from the floor when we were done. The really fun part was running under the linked arms of the rest of the dancers.

Tomorrow is our last day of travel with the group. We end our "Baja Winter Tour" in La Paz.

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