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Scenery on the route from El Faro to Tizupan

A burro in the road. we missed hitting him and his partner out of the camera range

Magnificent coastline views

John decided to get a closer look, but kept his distance as it was heck of a drop straight down with no guard rails

KM 103.5 Tizupan

Cost is 100 pesos/night for an RV. We lucked out and got a wonderful spot next to a palapa. If we wanted power they would lend us extension cords to hook up to their power at the restaurant area. The camping area is on the beach, has bathrooms/showers, they are expanding the park and adding approx 20 sites. they were bringing in fill while we were there. A vendor selling veg/fruits arrived and we bought lots of stuff for a good price.

They were cleaning and filling the pool while we were there

You can see our rig on the left side of this picture


We decided to treat ourselves to lunch and a beer at the restaurant. We each had a beer and shrimp tacos. The bill came to 115 pesos.


Our shrimp tacos

The beach

Dead crab. there were lots of live ones, but they wouldn't sit still for a picture. No I did not kill him. He was dead when I found him. Pretty colour though!!!!

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