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Teacapan is located on the Agua Bravo, one of the largest estuaries in Mexico which serves as the border line between Nayarit and Sinaloa. The village is smaller than San Blas and very rustic. There is hardly a car on the street. 

One of the attractions is a botanical garden at the home of Antonio Haas - the creator of the Haas avocado. The complex has 2 houses, 3 ponds, ostiches, and a variety of plants and trees. You are welcome to visit here. It is suggested that you give the gardeners a tip of 10 pesos per visitor. 

Another attraction is the birdwatching. Victor is a guide who offers boat trips in the estuary. The mangrove wetlands are almost identical to what you find in San Blas but there are even more birds. Victor has kayaks if you want a quieter journey through the wetlands. On the 6 hour trip you can visit the pyramid of the shells - a pile of shells about 3 stories high. Nobody knows how they got there but my friend's theory is that as the indians ate the oysters they threw the shells over their shoulders. The trip to the pile of shells is recommended only for the young and adventurous. You have to walk through the wetlands for a couple hundred yards and it is very slippery - watch out for the quicksand! 

There is a good hotel with a restaurant called Hotel Villas Maria Fernanda. It has 2 pools and is right on the estuary. They have some rooms with small kitchens and villas for up to 8 people as well as double rooms for 450 pesos. The owner, Delfino, is very helpful and can arrange sightseeing tours for you. If you want to rent an apartment, check out Mexico Tranquilo

The ocean is couple miles away - the beaches are undeveloped and go on as far as the eye can see. There is a little beach on the estuary right by the 'malecon' which is fine for swimming but there is a strong current if you go out of the cove. 

You must go through Escuinapa to get to Teacapan. 

Some coconut groves coming into Teacapan

We stayed at a nice dry camping beach called Playa La Lupitas. There was a charge of 80 pesos/night. No services. For 3 pesos you can use there washroom facilities. The town was about a kilometer away via the beach. John and I got to see our friends who spend their winters here. The town has a malecon,bakery,restaurants and everything you might need. It is still in the growing process as the streets are not as clean as some of the other towns we have been through.

Our friends gave us a tour of the town and our first stop was the bakery. We went nuts and bought their lemon cakes, cinnamon rolls and other things I have no name for, but it was all delicious!!! You have to get to the bakery between 1 and 2pm other wise the baked goods are not ready or they are sold out.

There are our friends Ben and carol from Swan Lake Rec Resort. They have been spending their last 16 winters down here in Teacapan. We ended up at this restaurant where we all had a Corona and some ceviche by the beach.

Our campsite: we were told by our friends that it is not wise to walk into the coconut groves. You may encounter scorpions, tarantulas, boas or coral snakes. No problem!!!!!

Some area pictures

A shot of our campground from the town. You can just see our rig. It is the one second from the right.

Coconut tree

Ben & Carols RV campsite

A wonderful sunset after a long day

We stayed at this location for two nights and then decided to move about 8 km down the road for 31 Dec to a new RV spot called "Villas Onac"


First you go to Escuinapa and then take the road to Teacapan.  You will find Villas Onac at the kilometer 28 turnoff.  It is the ideal place to enjoy all that nature has given us.  There is the ocean, palm trees, white sand, great sunsets, and chirping birds.

Villas Onac has 9 comfortable villas that are independent from each other.  They are completely furnished with all services and are fit for 4 to 8 people.  There is a swimming pool and a private beach and a trailer park with 68 spaces that can handle large rigs.

We paid 170 pesos/night and got free internet, they had one washer for laundry and the cost was 30 pesos per load. I would highly recommend this RV park if you decide to go to Teacapan.

I should mention that the road leading from the highway into the RV park is about 2 km in length and soft dirt, narrow, but there were large rigs in the park and they had no problems getting in and out.

Road leading into the park. This truck pulled over for us so we could pass.


Some of the villas you can rent

Our RV Site

The view from our site

John taking a swim

Gizmo and me on the beach

The pool area and a shot of the RV Park from the second level of the pool building


It was a nice place to spend New Years Eve.

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