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Tamale Festival


What is a Tamale?


Now they don't just serve Tamales at this festival. There is pretty much anything you can think of that contains a zillion calories. I didn't count, but I am sure John and I consumed a few.

Grandma Lupe is said to have the best Tamales. The lineup is usually 45 min to 1 hr to get one. John and I are not that dedicated.

Torta anyone???



Christmas Parade

A very good Bratwurst

Heart attack on a plate!!! ( Butterfly potatoe chips piled high with bacon bits, onion and sour cream. There might have been cheese on it too. If not, it would be a great idea!!!)

Gourmet Tamales

My Tamale contained Belgian chocolate, raspberries and caramelized walnuts

John and I hope to see some of the Christmas lights around the area and then in the new year we head out to Blythe,CA. The Quartzite RV & Gem Show are in Jan and Feb/2011. Updates will follow.


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