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This is an example of some of the scenery as we got further south. I think we could hear Tarzan in the distance.

We traveled though a quaint little town and I had to get a picture on this guy on the tractor

Same town with a shot of their church

Entering Sayulita. 


We missed our turn to the RV Park and ended up driving through the village. Narrow streets!!!!

The main square

Lots of surfing shops, bars and restaurants

We bought 3 pineapples off a gentlemen on the street for only 20 pesos and later I bought about 10 star fruits for the same amount from another vendor. Not to say that everything we buy is healthy. We stopped at the bakery and bought some cinnamon rolls and the ice-cream shop and bought a couple of coconut leche. I have to say this is the best ice-cream i have ever tried. We have not bought anything else because this village is a expensive as far as meals in restaurants and souvenirs. It is the most expensive place to eat thus far.

Sayulita Trailer & RV Park

The view from our site

Bungalows they rent in the park

The office


There are some very nice houses in town and along the beach

The beach area

They had several camping areas for tenters along with showers and bathrooms.

Angela relaxing in a beach bar restaurant with a Margarita

John and I decided to take a walk to the next beach over and had to take a trail through the jungle. Check out the pictures below


Below are a few pictures I took because the situation was odd, scenic or just interesting. I hope you like them.

We are off to Puerta Vallarta tomorrow. Click here to continue on our trip with us.

Click here to continue on our trip with us.


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