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Some nice scenery on our way to Playa Amor just outside San Blas

For information about San Blas I have included the link below:


The information below is from from wikipedia:

It is a port and a popular tourist destination. It is located about 100 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, and 40 miles west of the state capital Tepic. It city had a population 8,707.[1]

San Blas is known as the port where the Spanish priest Junipero Serra, 'Father' of the California Missions, embarked on his journey north. The area is also noted for its fine surfing.

Much of the town was devastated by the Pacific Hurricane Kenna in October 2002, but most damaged structures have since been rebuilt, repaired, or removed. It was immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's final poem, The Bells of San Blas. Interestingly, Longfellow never visited San Blas.[2]

San Blas boasts several attractive beaches, which have been kept safe from large-scale development by the area's notorious population of jejenes or no-see-ums, that are mostly active at twilight. San Blas sits between two estuaries, the Pozo and El Rey, which are the main entries into a vast wetlands system. The many rivers that flow through the mangrove forests serve as the breeding grounds for fish. The wetlands also serve to buffer the land from storms and prevent erosion.

Recent incursions by shrimp farms have threatened the balance in this very fecund ecosystem. A local environmental movement has helped to mitigate the loss of substantial mangroves and diversion of waters. While claims that San Blas has suffered a loss of fish and wildlife due to development may be true, this area remains abundant in birds, bugs and crocodiles.

For downmarket vacationers (San Blas has only one luxury hotel) looking to get away from the more common tourist-filled Mexican beaches, San Blas is a popular choice.

Puerto de San Blas is the northernmost point of a stretch of Nayarit coastline called the "Riviera Nayarita" that extends south past the towns of ChacalaLos AyalaPunto de Mita and Nuevo Vallarta to end at the Río Ameca, just near the border of Jalisco and just north of Puerto Vallarta.[3]


John and I were on our way to Playa Amor, but took a 3 Km detour out of our way to see San Blas. We stopped and bought some marlin for supper. It came with a plate of vegetables and tortillas, all for about 90 pesos.


If you want to spend some time here they have a few RV parks.


 For those that want to check out the nature side of things you can take a boat tour through the mangroves and see the estuaries, mangroves and crocodiles. Bring bug spray as there tend to be a few more biting insects here.


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