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Interior Pictures prior to modifications



Interior Pictures after modification Dec 2011


We got the dinette table cushions recovered in black vinyl and you can see two drawers installed under the table for pens/papers/etc so the table can now stay uncluttered

In this photo you can see the zero clearance heater John installed under the table. It is mounted against the outside wall near floor level.  It is a 1000 watt, very quiet fan.

This is the new fridge: Whirlpool 22.0 cu ft with icemaker and water dispenser. Our Norcold 1200 fridge cooling unit died in Oct and we had to decide what to do. We went with the residential unit because it was about the same price as a cooling unit and you still have a 9 year old fridge. We wanted something with more features and capacity. It took a lot of research and measuring and remeasuring, but we love the results.

So it was time to update the front of the coach as well with new cushions for the sofas and a new lamp and tablecloth for the steering wheel table to carry the black and beige theme to the front of the coach.

John installed a 500 watt baseboard heater at the front by the door to heat the space that cools down due to cold coming off the windshield area. It works very well.  It has its own thermostat.  

The final heater John installed was in the bedroom. It is a 300 watt model and also has its own thermostat. There is another unit like this installed in the basement also with a thermostat.  

This approach of multiple low watt heaters is an excellent way to ensure even heat throughout the coach with minimal use of the two propane furnaces. Note that all the heaters came in white or beige and John painted them flat black with a heat resistant paint.



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