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Angelas Career


Basic Training

Cornwallis newspaper article written by Pte Bungay

Cornwallis Grad

Combat Arms Team - Kingston, Ont

Basic Radar Course - Kingston,Ont

John & Angela (Summer 1986 - visit to Vernon)

Dad presenting Grad Certificate to Angela

QL5 Course

AETE - Snowfest


Prelort680 Mark III Tracking Radar - PLER

Cruise Missile Testing - PLER

Go-Cart Race (PLER)

Chuck Yeager

Radar Section - PLER

Spring photo taken for PLER Calendar

SSR Course

ASR Course

C & P Course



JLC Grad

NDHQ National Safety Award



Johns Career


Johns car

Cornwallis going away party


Cornwallis Grad

CFS Dana, Sask

FPS27 RX Course

FPS27 TX Course

UPA62 Course

TQ5 Course

Promotion to Cpl

TACAN Course

Promotion to MCpl

Promotion to Sgt

42 Radar - Arizona Deployment

6A Course



Our Families and personal lives

John & Angela Spring 2003 at Louis & Theresas


Dad - CWO Bungay

Pat & Gerry

Louis & Theresa

Johns family band - the early years

Family get together in Vernon - Spring 2003 ( jam session)

Abraham, Issac & Gizmo

Southwind & Jeep

RANSOM - our band from Cold Lake

20 Miller Crescent

Plaza Apartments - one of our buildings


Our new license plate


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