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We stayed at the Malibu RV Resort as it was closest place to stay near the Reagan Library and it has an awesome view.


We had a very nice dinner out at a local restaurant


Reagan Library


Oval Office ( full size replica)


Air Force One Pavillion

Lorraine and me standing up front of the lower hall where there George Bush was to talk about his new autobiography

Check out some of the people attending

Restaurant & Pub

Presidents Helicopter

Ronald Reagan picture made from Jelly Belly's


Actual piece of the Berlin wall

White House South Lawn

Memorial Site

Quoted from the Reagan Library website:


The Memorial Site is on the western portion of the Library Campus and is adjacent to the Library’s piece of the Berlin Wall and the replica of the White House South Lawn.  The Memorial Site looks out toward the Pacific Ocean."


An American Christmas Exhibit

Quoted from the Reagan Library website:

"The holidays come alive at The Reagan Library! Enjoy a tour through our winter wonderland featuring 24 trees decorated to celebrate the defining moments of America’s road to greatness, from the Revolutionary Era to today. Each tree reflects the life and times of American society and culture during each decade between 1700 and 2010, thus tracing the evolution of America. Through the use of lights, ornaments and decorations, each tree becomes its own piece of magnificent art."


White House Miniature

Quoted from the Ronald Reagan Library website:

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will open a special exhibit featuring the White House Miniature, an authentic recreation of the White House measuring 50 feet long and 18 feet wide: a one-foot-to-one-inch scale. Taking over 600,000 hours of labor to create, the miniature is an amazing replica, showing visitors an intimate look into the White House - from the Lincoln bedroom to the Oval Office to tiny, working televisions to hand-carved chairs, tables and crystal chandeliers. Created by the Zweifel family, and first exhibited in 1979, the Miniature White House has been seen by over 42 million Americans.

(Every time there is a change made in the real White House, it is reflected in the miniature)



We headed back to Palm Springs and then took a visit out to Lake Cahuilla where Dick and Lorraine were staying for a few days before their site was ready in Outdoor Resorts


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