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Quartzite 2012

Dry camping( parking anywhere without or with limited amenities) on the Long Term Visitors Area. We had no services and paid $40 for a two week period. There are free camping areas as well if desired.

There are many options for those that want a different camping experience




Here are a few pictures of our campsite and the surrounding rigs

John and Gizmo relaxing outside. It was a nice warm day

Gizmo relaxing inside

Time to check out the Quartzite main event




John found the food!!!


Yummmm, curly fries!!!

More delicious food choices ( definitely not heart healthy!!)


World Famous Redwood Log House


"The Redwood Log house is a unique exhibit. A fully furnished three room house handcarved inside a 1900 year old giant California redwood tree. It took two men nearly a year to construct this beautiful home.It is truly one of Americas most unusual exhibits.The loghouse exhibit has been displayed at important events attracting millions of people.
The loghouse is available for exhibit per seasonal dates."



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