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So John and I did our annual trek to the Quartzite area, but this time we made it for the Gem show and the Main Event


If you want some cheaper or free camping check out the link below otherwise there are lots of RV parks in Quartzite with minimal to full hookups. It all depends what you like.

Some people dry camping on BLM( Bureau of Land Management) land


Entering Quartzite. John and i trying to find a place to park. Get there early in the morning and there is lots of free parking and less crowds. You do not have to pay for parking as long as you are willing to walk a block or two.

Some people come in from their site in the desert on their ATV's

Rocks, gems, jewellery , clothing, misc pictures. I of course threw in  food strands for fun. Food is extremely important!!

You will see everything for sale here: flags, insects, walking sticks, RV stuff, Mexican imports. Just check out the pictures.


The Main Event

John and I decided to get some dental work done in Mexico, so next stop was Yuma area and across the border to Algodones.


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