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We had an excellent drive into Puerta Vallarta. No real problem finding our RV Park. We stayed at Tachos RV Park.



The best we have found in Mexico so far. It was a short cab ride down to Old Puerta Vallarta

There is lots to do in Puerta Vallarta. Check out this website


The port where the cruise ships dock

John and myself self portrait. When you can't find someone else to take your picture you just have to improvise!!!

Massage anyone???

Puerta Vallarta beach


Malecon in Puerta Vallarta

When you walk the Malecon you cross a bridge and thisa is the island just off the bridge. It has restaurants and stores. Very nice.

Dried Puffer fish anyone????

We took this small suspension bridge to exit the island and get back to the Malecon

Time for a snack at a local vendor

We had a wonderful shrimp taco for $1.30

Pollo (chicken)

I had to take a picture of this guy in his bathing suit. It was definitely a very small speedo


We had such a long walk though the city that we were getting thirsty so we stopped at one of the local beach bars and each had a "Sol"

Water taxis are available to take you from one point to another

I thought I should take a picture of a couple of the 

statues along the Malecon 

Wonderful sand castles that were being built along the beach

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