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We stayed at the Paa Mul RV Park and Cabanas

GPS Location:   20.52638  N   87.19701  W

All services at our site. The cost per night was approx 340 pesos/night

There was a dive shop on the beach along with a restaurant and pool

We were about a 10 min drive from town where you can get groceries and a bank machine.

This resort is approx 85 km outside Cancun and just North of Playa Del carmen

Apartments for rent

Cabanas for rent ( all had air conditioners mounted outside the units)

Palapa for sale in the RV Park ( lots of people that come here year after year build a palapa their site and lease the site for approx $6000/yr)

John and I went snorkeling twice while we were here. The cost for renting mask, snorkel and fins was $10/ea for the day

John and I went for a walk out the back gate of the park and on to the next beach

Ran into this crab on the way back. He did not want to be near us. He is running as fast as his shell will allow

Poolside at the resort

It is a rough day!!!


Massage anyone?????

Our last day here John and I decided to walk past the point and we made it to the next resort approx 2 hours later. A very long and hot walk.

We made it to an all inclusive resort and had to call a cab to take us back to ours as I was not walking back!!!

John and Gizmo

Angela and Gizmo


Gizmo got a bath and was not too happy, but he loves rolling on anything afterwards to dry off.


This is a coconut tree trying to grow from this coconut on the ground. Neat!!!


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