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Quoted from Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monterrey

Monterrey (Spanish pronunciation: [monteˈrei]  ( listen)) (also known as "Sultana del Norte" (Sultan of the North), is the capital city of thenortheastern Mexican state of Nuevo León.[1] It has the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico, after Mexico City and Guadalajara.[2] In 2005, the city population was estimated to be 1,133,814,[3] and its metropolitan area had a population of 3.8 million. The demonym of Monterrey is Regiomontano(a).

Monterrey is located in northeast Mexico, at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental. The recorded history of Monterrey starts in 1596, with the foundation by Diego de Montemayor. In the years after the Mexican Independence War, Monterrey became an important business center. With the establishment of Fundidora Monterrey, the city experienced industrial growth. Monterrey is an important industrial and business center, serving as operation host for an array of Mexican companies, including CEMEX, Vitro and Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma[4][5] and also for international companies such as Carrier, Daewoo, General Electric, LG and Teleperformance, among others.[2][6][7] Monterrey is known for its hot weather in summer reaching 40 °C (104 °F) or more for three consecutive months, being one of the hottest major cities in Mexico.[8]


We made it to our friends place and had a wonderful weekend touring Monterrey


History Museum



John and our friend Chris



Breakfast at an awesome restaurant

You could chose from a dozen varieties of taco fillings and of course you must have a "cafe con leche"

This may not look totally appetizing, but I guarantee they were delicious

Santiago park up in the mountains

Lunch out with our friends Chris and Juan

Excellent chicken with mole sauce

John had a seafood brochette

Look at that shrimp cocktail, wow!!

This is our friends dog: Fran 

Our rig in front of our friends house



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