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Leaving Puerta Vallarta we had to go thru a tunnel

Some scenery on the way to Melaque

Banana plants


Agave ( this is the plant used to make tequila)



Pretty yellow flowering tree

Coconut palms



We reached Melaque and found that there were no empty spots in the campgrounds. We were able to find a spot on the dry camping beach for 4 pesos/night/no services except a dump sight. If this is full there is another level above this that is flat and is used for the overflow. Every morning a vendor comes by with empanadas and there was a vendor selling watermelons for $1/ea


This is a restaurant that a dentist built on top of this hill and it failed a year later. Too bad!!

Beach at Melaque just 20 seconds outside our spot at the dry camping area.

There are a lot of fisherman repairing or dragging in their nets off the beach with the catch of the day.

This gentleman was repairing his nets

These two children had just dragged in their net which contained what I would describe as bait for the older fisherman

This guy definitely had just caught bait

John is swimming amongst the pelicans

Downtown Melaque

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