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Third largest Carnival in the world!


We arrived in Mazatlan at about 1Pm in the afternoon and the traffic was not too bad. The weather is awesome!!!

We decided to stay at Mar Rosa RV park. It is close to everything in the Golden Zone. We have bus service just outside. You can catch a bus for 50 to 80 pesos depending if it has air conditioning or not. We decided to walk everywhere and when we got tired we took a pulmonias (cab). They are converted, convertible Volkswagons. The fare ranges from 10 pesos up depending on the length of the trip.


Here are a few pictures of the RV Park. We paid 220 pesos/night plus we paid for WiFi ( 200 pesos/week). We walked out the back of the park and we stepped onto the beach. We walked out the front and we were near restaurants and shopping. It was great. They haad laundry service available. You just let the office know the night before and leave your laundry at their door the next morning for pickup. The laindry arrives back at your campsite later that day. It cost me 120 pesos for three very large bags of laundry and the laundry was folded and packaged. Awesome!!! 


There is our Little Rev

They decorated the park for Christmas Day: balloons and pinatas

On the 22nd of Dec we had a wonderful group of children from the Salvation Army orphanage come in and dance for us. They travel though out the city giving performances starting in early Dec. They performed different dances from different regions.

This is how they raise some of the funds the school/orphanage needs to operate throughout the year.


The youngest children were really cute. They sang a few songs. My favorite song was "Feliz Navidad"

After the performance the children were treated to a nice supper consisting of pizza and other treats. Then they would each receive a gift bag as a Christmas gift.

All the Christmas gift bags lined up on the table

One of the little girls with her new teddy bear

Dinner at Juanitas the first night we were in town. It was the combo meal. We each got a large plate of food and a pop for 160 pesos.

Beach time!!!

This is the Malecon ( walkway)

I had to take a picture of this restaurant

This guy is a cliff diver. Check out the next three pictures. By the way he works for tips. I gave him some change when he survived his leap!!!

Get ready!



John sitting by one of the many statues along the Malecon

You can take scuba diving lessons

Parasailing anyone??

Here are the gentlemen that go oyster diving and sell them to various restaurants in the area. those bags are full of oysters.

Some shots of the beach

While we were here we decided to buy some shrimp. This weighed out a kilo of shrimp, shelled and deveined it for us all for the price of 120 pesos/kilo

More beach shots. John testing the water. Nice and warm.

John convinced me to dive in. OK not dive, but walk into the ocean. I can't get any water in my ears for a while I just spent the last two weeks on antibiotics for a very bad sinus infection. 

Notice the white parts of the body. I plan on working on that!!!!! I definitely need a more even tan.

There are some very nice beach restaurants. Prices are comparable to meals in any Canadian or US restaurant

Very nice hotel downtown

More shots of beach bars/etc...

Iguana: he was at the top of the wall next to us as we were walking down the street. I thought I would take a picture of him. John just didn't want it leaping onto us. He would have screamed like a girl and run away.

Nice inland marina at a local hotel


There are lots of sculptures along the malecon

The taxi driver that picked us up to take us downtown asked us if we would like a one hour tour. He charged us a total of 200 pesos for everything. He was extremely knowledgeable. We enjoyed a tour of the malecon, fish market, houses up on the hill overlooking Mazatlan, Old Town Mazatlan, etc. he gave us tips on where to eat and shop.

I took a picture of this property and its sign. The owner found out after he had started building that the land in front of his was going to have ataller building and block his view. Not a happy camper. read his sign he put on his building. The top half is spanish and the bottom half is in english.

This is one of those houses we saw on our driving tour

This is the same house from the front. Yes it is gigantic!!!

More houses perched on the hillsides

A picture of the cathedral and old town from above

Light house. It is considered the second highest lighthouse in the world. We never made it there. We will have to check it out on our way back.

This is where wives and family of fisherman put flowers to bless a safe voyage for their loved ones

A very ornate house

Old Town Mazatlan

A very beautiful sand sculpture of the manager scene

This lady was nice enough to help John and I locate the market

We are now at the town market which is a couple of buildings plus many streets with lots of vendors

Inside the market they have a couple of restaurants.They sell clothing, fruit, vegetables, cheese, meats, seafood, pretty much everything as you will see in the next few pictures

Pigs head


This lady just purchased this cows head. Yes those are pigs heads in the case.

That is the rest of the cow


Chickens feet!!!

Cheese, ham, etc anyone????

More beef

John and I ate at the restaurant in front of him. We each had a torta (sandwich) filled with ham, cheese, bacon, tomatoe, onion and the kitchen sink. It was delicious.

Fruits and vegetables


Next part of the trip is to Teacapan. I am working on the next few pages. I hope to have them online tomorrow.

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