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Our final stop on this years trip in Mexico. Time to unwind and walk a few beaches, eat a few shrimp.

Actually we bought 25kg of shrimp, smoked tuna and scallops this year to take back home.

We stayed at Mar Rosa RV Park again this year. It is an excellent location if you want to be close to everything.

We encountered some rain along the way. Actually it had been raining heavily for the last three days. Portions of the highway were almost wiped out in places as you can see by the pictures below.

Dormant volcano

Mango trees

We were very tired when we arrived in Mazatlan after a long day of travel. We decided to go to the "Fat Fish" for dinner. We ordered the ribs for only 160 pesos for the two of us!!!


Fancy sand work

Our favorite restaurant in the market

Shrimp Torta

Shrimp tacos

Freshly squeezed orange juice. The whole meal was 110 pesos for the two of us

Time to check out the market shops


Smoked tuna ( John and I bought 8 KG of this fish)

John needed dessert, so we went to an ice-cream stand where they make it fresh. John had peanut icecream

Gizmo and Angela heading for the beach

He likes the wind in his face

I decided I should test some of the food that we bought earlier in the day, so we had shrimp salad, roasted potatoes and some fried whitefish for supper. Ummmmm good!!!

Pelicans fighting for fish from the local fishermen's boats on shore. The fishermen feed them the scraps

I thought he was cute

Another shopping day at the market and breakfast

Next day at the market and more food!! This time lunch

John had thinly sliced porkchops

Shrimp dish for me

A sailing ship off the shore in Mazatlan

This is our new friend Beito. He was staying in the park for a week or so. He had just retired and was enjoying exploring Mexico with his son Oscar. Oscar was on vacation from his medical practice.


We had Beito and Oscar over for drinks and they brought over their favorite Mexican liquors. Everyone spoke Spanish in conversation. I needed a few things to be translated, but this definitely improves my vocabulary.

The next day Beito and Oscar invited us out for brunch. We went to their favorite restaurant for soup. It was spicy and delicious

There were lots of pictures of Mexican heroes, politicians and locals on the walls

Some of the floats from the Mazatlan Festival. ( They were just getting them lined up for that night)

 John and I did not attend as we do not like crowds

We had just left the restaurant and thought it would be nice to get a picture of John,myself and oscar. The girls in this picture were walking by and decided to join us. What the heck!!! ( never seen them before in our lives!!)


The Malecon setup with chairs for tonights Parade

John posing by the pool at a local hotel

We decided to have Johns birthday and our Anniversary dinner in one. We celebrated at La Concha Restaurant. It had an outdoor patio, live entertainment and a buffet. The cost was 220 pesos each and this included two drinks.

Steaks, sausages,porkchops,chicken,BBQ ribs

For more interesting pictures and details from last years trip I have put in the two links below


Mazatlan Feb 09


John and I are not going to Mexico next year, but fear not we might take some interesting trips in California and Arizona to places we have never been to and would like to see. The dog is getting old ( 16 years old this June) and we feel we should stick closer to home and save up money for our next big trip. We were thinking Asia, Europe, Alaska.

We will definitely be going back to Mexico. It is a beautiful country full of very kind people, history, culture and lest we forget great food!!!!



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