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Scenery on our way from Barra de Navidad to Manzanillo

Drying coconuts






Lost in old Manzanillo!!! We spent about 30 minutes at the port asking instructions to the one and only RV Park in Manzanillo. We had it on our GPS, but no luck. We got lost leaving the area and ended up in old town Manzanillo in very tight streets. We had to ask a traffic cop to give us directions to get back to Mex200 headed for Acapulco. That was 2hrs of running around. The following pictures are of our trip down where no motorhome should drive!!!!



Malecon: no place to park!!

Leaving Manzanillo behind we saw a brick building plant on the way out of town. I thought it was interesting for a picture

So where did we spend the night you might ask??? We spent it at a PEMEX gas station. Always look for one that is open 24hrs and we always ask where they would like us to park. It is equivalent to a Flying J or Husky, but nicer!!!


It had a laundry area, showers, bathrooms, restaurants and a tire shop.

Tire shop

Restaurant and laundry

Kioski convenience store

Restaurant in front of PEMEX

Not a bad night. The highway traffic was light. On to BuganVilia RV park next.

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