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Joshua Tree National Park


This park is named for the many Joshua trees that are there.


John and I decided it would be nice to have a day trip. So we headed out to the park with our plug-in cooler in the back of the car and our emergency kit just in case of an earthquake or other incident ( ie: car breakdown).

In this area ( Southern California) it is a given that you should have your emergency kit with water,first aid kit, etc in your vehicle!!!

Wear or carry warm clothing because you do go up in altitude in the park.


John in the smart car. One of many pictures of the car on this page

Joshua trees line the road and beyond

These trees can get pretty tall as you can see

John and I loved the rock formations and there were many rock climbers doing their thing which was not our thing!!!

There were many place to stop and view the scenery as well as bathrooms and picnic areas

In the lower left corner of this photo you can see people standing on the rocks

More climbers on this set of rocks

John and my favorite rock formation. The rock looks like it could fall any minute!?

Ok, so this guy had a death wish. We watched him for about 5 minutes until he reached the top. You have to be in good shape and have no fear to do this sport. can you see him in the upper right hand portion of the rock formation? He is just to the right of the large crevice. his partner is straight down and at the bottom of the crevice

We took a road in the park to an elevation of 5000ft plus so we could see the valley beyond. It was very cold, but a wonderful view.

John and I ending up hiking a bit. Some trails are quite short and some longer. They sell hiking books at the info booth as you enter. The cost to enter the park for the day was $15 for our vehicle. Prices vary depending on how long you wish to stay or if you already have a state park pass.

I call this the Teddy Bear cactus

This rock formation looks like a skull

John relaxing in the sun

John decided we would take the shortcut back to the highway through the rocks!!

 There are 9 campgrounds in the park of which 3 have water and flush toilets.

Things to do in the park: hiking, rock climbing, birding( 250 species of birds in the park) and astronomy.

Cholla Cactus Garden




They can grow up to 10 meters tall and this one was just starting to flower

I am not sure if we are going on another road trip before heading back home, but we are definitely stopping in Las vegas on the way, so expect more Vegas pictures in April!!!



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