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We left LA and headed for San Marcos to visit some friends and then up the coast along Hwy101 & Hwy1 all the way to Monterrey and then back South East to Palm Springs.

Along the way we stopped overnight at an RV park in Malibu: http://www.maliburv.com/

We then headed up to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle. It is something not to be missed. Awesome grounds and buildings. The place is furnished with museum pieces as you will see in the pictures that follow.


Neptune Pool

Inside guest quarters

Statue brought from Egypt

Main House

Reception area in the main house where guests would have drinks before dinner

Ceiling in the reception room

A hidden door in the reception room that leads to the dining room

Refectory ( or in layman's terms the dining room)

Room the guests would retire to after dinner to chat and relax

Billiards room

Movie theatre

Tennis courts

Roman Pool

Everything has gold inlay



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