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Some wonderful scenery in Sinaloa

I had to take a picture of the brewery!!!

Sugar cane fields and corn fields everywhere. This is a very rich area for agriculture.

There are lots of huge farms owned by corporations

Coming up to a toll booth for the toll road we have been on since we left Nogales. We ended up paying approx $100 in tolls for the 4 lane highway from Nogales to Mazatlan for 2 axels.

We decided to skip the last bit of toll road to Mazatlan saving ourselves $20 and took the free road.


We made it to Celestino RV Park about 45 minutes outside Mazatlan.


You take a 10 minute drive on a dirt road off the highway through the little village of Celestino Gasca and then get to the RV park. It should be no problem for a big rig. Just take it slow. It cost $15/night which includes all services and |WiFi. The WiFi was down when we were there, but they had a part on order. We decided we wanted to be closer to the beach and CVhris was nice enough to let us dry camp up at the front on the land next door. We had an excellent view of the beach and we still had access to the laundry, water and dump facilities.

Note; The further you get back from the beach the less breeze. We wanted the breeze to stay cool when sitting outside.

A nice palapa and sitting area at the front of the park for everyone.

Laundry with 2 washers and dryers and very nice bathrooms with hot showers.



The grass was ripped up for maintenance.

Our first feist of shrimp!!!!!!

A shrimping trawler. They fish at night

These guys were diving for oysters to sell to the local market

You can see the oyster divers near their inner tubes below which is attached a net to put the oysters in until they get back to shore.

We are now headed for Mazatlan.

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