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 We took off from Melaque at about 9 am and headed down the road to Barra de Navidad. It is suppose to be a good place for a day trip. Nicer then Melaque, but no RV Parks. We ended up going through the main street and findind public parking for 10 pesos/hour. They also ha public washrooms.

Some of downtown Barra de Navidad

OK we have been walking for a whole 10 minutes it must be time for a snack. John decided to try a taco carne at a local vendor

A very nice hotel on its own island further down and across from us. The rooms cost $300/night


These crabs were crawling up the sides of the walls of the Malecon and would disappear as soon as you approached them.

We finished waking around town and eating and thought we might try a boat tour. It coat 200 pesos/couple for a 30 minute tour of the lagoon and area.

These house are built along the lagoon  area and they moor their boats out front.

Now that is a yacht!!!! This couple are from Oregon and spend six months docked here and six months in Oregon.

She is called the "Kelly Ann"

This is Bill Gates house ( one of them)

Nice boats!!!!!!!

These nets placed in the water are oyster farms

Nice PEMEX on the water to fuel up your boat

We are back and at the end of our tour. Time to move on.

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