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So John and I spent a couple of days in the Yuma area outside Algodones. we did some shopping and some dental.

We stayed in the parking lot of this casino for free for 4 nights. Excellent security and lots of RV'ers as you can see by the pictures below!!!




Below is the dental clinic where John had a cleaning ($30) and a partial with one tooth done ($80) for a total of $110 

Overall it was a great medical experience

If you are heading that way and want to know where John got his dental done please send us an email and he would be happy to give you the information

Next a little shopping

We bought a couple Queen size blankets for $28/ea, some wine glasses($5/ea, I should have paid $4, but what the heck), a money belt, a wallet, money clip, Mezcal ($16) and of course I made it to the best bakery in town while John was in his dental and bought some goodies for later!!!

Time for lunch ( we haven't eaten the bake goods yet)


Our next stop will be a trip back to Las Vegas in April  with some family to see a couple of shows: "Carrot Top" & "O",  the Vegas strip & Fremont Street and we might even try indoor skydiving if we are adventurous!!


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